4 Tips For Booking An Event Transportation Service

4 Tips For Booking An Event Transportation Service

Posted by: Carl Drago
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Overcoming traffic in Chicago can be a challenge. In fact, drivers can spend an extra 61 hours per week on average than the rest of the U.S. When you’re planning a special event, you want to make sure your guests get there on time in a smooth and efficient manner. Using transportation services can be a big help but how do you choose the best one for your needs? Here are four tips for booking an event transportation service.

Determine Your Headcount

Depending on the type of event you’re planning, determining your headcount may not be easy. If you’re looking for a transportation company before your guest list is finalized, you want to make sure to overestimate the number of seats you’ll need so no one is left out. You can always edit the number of guests later. Knowing how many guests that may be attending will help you with cost estimates while you are researching various companies.

Research Company Capacity

Event transportation services have various capacities for the number of overall fleets they employ on the road. You want to make sure that the company you choose has enough vehicles for the number of guests who need transportation. It’s also important to know if the company can provide additional vehicles or alternative transportation methods in the case of a breakdown or spike in guest attendance.

Inquire About Special Accommodations

Some of your guests may need special accommodations in order to travel. You’ll want to find out if your guests will need ADA-compliant vehicles and if the transportation company you’re considering offers them. If you can, find out how many guests that will be attending need these special services so that you can have the right number of vehicles available.

Nail Down Scheduling Details

You’ll want to make sure that the event transportation service you choose clearly understands the schedule for your event. Make sure that pick up and drop off times are clearly scheduled. If the special event will be taking place across many locations such as a pub crawl, you’ll want to make sure that the transportation provider is aware of the situation to avoid any misunderstandings.

Using an event transportation service can help tremendously to help your guests arrive at their destination in an efficient and stress-free manner. Taking the extra effort to determine your specific event needs will help your guests have a much more enjoyable experience.